We are the hands of Jesus

September, 2021.
Here is what we have done together so far. Thank you!

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September 2021.

As of today there was collected $14,000 and we have accomplished a lot. One of the donors gave $3,000 to build that little addition that you can see on the pictures above which will serve as a kitchen for the family. We still need around $1,500 to finish the inside of that addition. 

March 2021. 

Friends, here is a brief summary of the workflow and money that have been collected.

All together we have collected $10,413. Praise God! We had people donating from all over, including from overseas. We have been blessed with Pastor Alex who is also a treasurer of the Dpreprovskaya Conference and he is in charge of the work progress on site. Together with Natalia and the construction crew the are making the best decisions possible to make this place a good home for the family. The work started in February and the plan is to finish by May or so. You can see the pictures above and more pictures will be added as they arrive. So please, check back once a week or every other week for the progress. 


Here is the recent report from Pastor Alex:

Windows - 10 335

Building materials  (cement, drywall, OSB boards, putty) - 27 650

Crushed stone, sand - 9 750

Building materials (profile, reinforcing mesh, film, etc.) - 22 857

Heating (radiators, pipes) - 16 320

Polystyrene, foam, glue - 4 055

Finished doors - 13 552

Metal (corner for slopes, reinforcement for the foundation) - 4 500.

Materials (dowels, anchors, drills, discs, etc.) - 6 537

Salary to the crew 15,700

Food for the crew (12 days x 100 UAH) - 1 200

Cash withdrawal commission - 556

Renting an apartment for family (1 month) - 3000

Total: 136,012

Received by March 1st = 137 746 UAH ($5,000 USD)

Remaining: 1734 UAH

1USD = 27 UAH

Together we can make a difference 

I just recently learned about a great

need of one of the Adventist

families in Dnipro, Ukraine. A father

passed away after years of battling

cancer last summer leaving behind a wife and 3 daughters (first, sixth, and tenth graders). Natalia is a very hard-working woman but she is not capable to provide for the whole family since she is working as a cleaning lady at the Adventist school that her daughters attend. She has a number of health challenges herself and her daughters work with her together in order to keep that job. A few of us learned about their financial challenges at the beginning of the school year and did our best to find the sponsors for all three girls to attend an Adventist school as well as to buy necessary clothing and schools supplies but only a few weeks ago, we fully realized the devastating living conditions of this family! Their house is literally falling apart and it’s a dangerous environment to live in!

Why your help is urgent?

Please see pictures since they speak louder than any words! This house needs a new roof, windows, as well as inside and outside renovation, and some basic furniture. A very minimum estimate to do the essential work to bring it to the livable conditions is $5,000. This is an urgent situation since it’s winter and it’s cold there.

Here is how you can support

We understand that many might be struggling financially now due to the consequences of the global pandemic and there are plenty of worthy projects to donate to, but if God opens your hearts to contribute towards this project, it would be sincerely appreciated. A small Adventist Russian-speaking church in Chicago decided to take this project under their wings and created a way for the donors to get a tax-deductible receipt for their donation. It’s not too late for this year to contribute! During this holiday season, please prayerfully consider to share your blessings: if you cannot donate financially, please support this family in your prayers! Thank you!

Please, follow the link where you can use your debit/credit card or e-check and indicate an amount under Assistance Ministry line: